Welcome to PurSteam!

PurSteam was founded to fill the void in the market between
expensive industrial steamers and underpowered home steamers. We knew
we could make quality, powerful steamers are reasonable prices with excellent customer service.
Because steam is for everyone…
Pursteam believes that high quality steam products should be accessible to everyone – so we offer products that bring the power of steam cleaning to your home, without the high prices. Pursteam products are simple to use, and cater to consumers who expect performance without paying a premium.

Steam is for every room…

With a full line of quality steam products, Pursteam empowers you to apply the effective power of steam throughout your home. From kitchens to bathrooms – wherever you cook, work, wash, sleep and play – Pursteam offers a solution that makes perfect sense.

Steam is for every task…

Take a look in your broom closet… Chances are it is full of bottles – most of which are chemical cleaners. Each chemical has its own job to do, whether it is for deodorizing, sanitizing, or simply removing dirt. Steam, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the same sense of security you get from knowing your home is clean and sanitary- without using that closet full of harsh chemicals. Now look at that worn string mop or torn, dried up sponge on a stick… It is time to upgrade from these relics of yesterday. All you need is water and Pursteam – and you have the power to simplify every task in every room
of your home.

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